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Here's more about the wild staff I have met and worked with
intro | Ubin | Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve | Central Nature Reserve | the Biodiversity Centre

wild staff at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Su Hooi (at centre) is the soul of the volunteer programme. Gentle and kind, always positive and cheerful, she is nevertheless able to get us to do all kinds of things :-) Indeed, the programme would not be the same without her.
Sock Ling (left) and Linda (right) are the ladies that keep things going at Buloh.

Alas, Linda will leave us for a study break, but Sock Ling is back to look after us.
Mr Tay Soon Lian is a miracle worker with camera, video and well, basically anything. Wherever he goes, rare plants suddenly grow and bloom. But he's a very tricky guy so you have to watch your snacks VERY carefully!
Jeremy is another marvel with still and video cam and almost anything he puts his mind to. I just love his sense of humour which has resulted in all kinds of crazy script ideas for wildfilms already.
Supardi (left) and Krishnan (right) are Men of the Field. I've spent many happy hours helping in their research of the birds and other wildlife in Buloh.
James is The Man for birds and other wildlife of Buloh. Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you. He's got a wicked sense of humour.
Here are some of the ever friendly team that greets visitors: Andrew (left, thumbs up), Shila (left), Rogayah (centre), Rajendran (right).

Charles (at bottom left) always ready with a cheery greeting when we meet.
The wild staff at Buloh are multi-talented. Here is Khalid "Clapton" (right) and Jeanne "Hendriks" (centre) at the guitars during one of the many family gatherings of volunteers and staff. Mustaffa (left) sings along.

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:55
Krish struck me as being a true naturalist when I first met him in the early 90's, someone with passion for his job and gratitude for being in a natural place. He kept me updated even then with otter sighting records. He'd discuss fish and the appearance of the Red Terror which he had drawn from observations. Then monitor lizards and snakes. Now he talks about replanting and flowering! He is the operations co-coordinator at the Buloh-Kranji mangrove site this September's International Coastal Cleanup Singapore along with Cheng Puay and they are already hatching future collaborative plans! In his work with schools on mini-cleanups, he tried to convey significant educational value into the work, not just pick up litter. Thanks for years of wonderful work!

More about
the wild staff I have met and worked with
intro | Ubin | Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve | Central Nature Reserve | the Biodiversity Centre

Sungei Buloh and volunteer opportunities there

how YOU can make a difference for nature too


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