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  wild people: wild staff at Nparks

The feature on wild people would not be complete without mention of the wild folks at NParks. What strikes me often when working beside them, is their deep dedication to our wild places. Theirs is more than just a job. For many, it is a calling and they pour their hearts and souls into it.

They do their work quietly and patiently, without fanfare. Guided by a deep passion, they make vital contributions to greater public awareness, deeper scientific research and indepth contributions to public policy that affects our wild places.

NParks senior staff introducing Minister Mah Bow Tan to Chek Jawa before deferment of reclamation

from left to right: Dr Leong Chee Chiew (Chief Operating Officer), Siva, Minister Mah, Robert Teo (Assistant Director, Ubin), Dr Tan Wee Kiat (Chief Executive Officer). Mr Wong Tuan Wah (Director, Conservation Division) took the photo.
More than that, they are warm and loving people, gladly sharing and collaborating with like-minded volunteers. Among my most treasured memories are happy times spent with this rare bunch of wild people.

Here's more about the wild staff I have met and worked with
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