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  Here's more about the wild staff I have met and worked with
intro | Ubin | Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve | Central Nature Reserve | the Biodiversity Centre

wild staff at Ubin

To me, Choon Beng (at right) is the soul of the volunteer group at Ubin. Always there. Without him, much of the Chek Jawa guiding system would probably not be what it is today.
The angel of the Chek Jawa guides, Boon Sim was to me the joyful heart of our work. She kicked started much of the guiding programme and we miss her very much since she left NParks.
Ali is the Best Botanist I know. He knows not only the scientific name of any plant, but also its common names and wonderful stories about it. His deep quiet sense of humour can give you a heart attack from laughing.
Yook Sau's cheerful presence always calms and ensures all trips go smoothly. Whenever she's around, we know all will be well, regardless of weather or whatever.
Adelle now looks after the Chek Jawa and other volunteers at Ubin. She has already deeply impressed us with her dedication to the new programme to record the oral history of Ubin residents.
Bari is a great Chek Jawa guide and always manages to find something spectacular on every trip. Always cheerful and ready to share and learn together, he's great to have around on any trip.
Sgt (left) is always happy and smiling. When he drives, he really knows how to make a lorry trip exciting, although some older guides with weak bones prefer a more sedate ride. Kendrick (right) is another joy to have on a guiding trip. Others not in photos include Mark and other rangers at Ubin. The guys keep everything smooth and steady, and we always have fun together.

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 27/08/04 11:44
Wow wow wild........all Ubin staffs. All i can say is that they are resposible lot with a passion in their job. Nparks is lucky to have them all.

Posted by leykun Posted on 28/08/04 08:45
I have always been struck by the passion and dedication of our NParks friends. What they do doesn't seem like work, but really a calling to conserve nature and to enhance city living. Without them and their endeavours, Singapore will be so much poorer in terms of a truly livable environment. Thank you NParks friends!

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:27
Choon Beng was one of the first mangrove apprentices - he hated classroom sessions even then, but loveed the eelements and was very helpful to his classmates! When I leaft them at Mandai Kechil during a fish survey, they were happily jumping into the water and having a picnic while they waited out the tide. Defintely not meant for the air-conditioned office this lot!

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:32
Boon Sim was yet another gem that Chek Jawa uncovered. She was very hard working and easily matched our work rate - like a mini-Ria! She handled the volunteers very well, made them feel treasured. She too was fascinated with the creatures of Chek Jawa, and delighted in learning new things. She was certainly one of Ubin's treasures, has a big heart and I miss her very much!

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:39
Ali is a treasure house of knowledge and his serious demeanour hides a very mischievious sense of humor! He is one of the people I am so glad to see during formal afiars because he makes me feel at home! he is a treasure house of Ubin heritage stories too, and I still remember the facsination over by a talk he gave several years ago at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve visitor centre.

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:44
Yook Sau has always conveyed a sense of calm to the sometimes hectic schedule at Ubin and other places. I admire the calm and kindly manner which she engages everyone with! The staff at Ubin relieved us of a lot of stress during the more hectic days at Chek Jawa and when you meet her you will inderstandd why!

Posted by otterman Posted on 31/08/04 10:46
I remember Bari heading off into the far reaches of the Chek Jawa shore to hunt down some pochers. It was too late and they headed of elsewhere. Yet he was still cheeerful! On another occasion, he had to guide a URA feedback group and was sweating as he ddid it but his knowledge and engaging manner eventually won them over!

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the wild staff I have met and worked with
intro | Ubin | Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve | Central Nature Reserve | the Biodiversity Centre

Ubin and volunteer opportunities there

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