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although this is my last entry on the NDP 04 Moblog...

Every day is National Day!

To us wild people, EVERY DAY is National Day :-)
We never cease celebrating our nation's wondrous natural treasures.
Our exciting work has been and continues to go on regardless.
Join us on this adventure, to learn and explore our wild places...

How one person CAN make a difference for nature in Singapore
Volunteering for our wild places: as a nature guide or in other ways
Contributing to our wild causes: Southern Shores, wildfilms

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The photo above was taken on Chek Jawa on New Year's Eve 2001,
just after reclamation was deferred. Those in the photo include
volunteers, researchers and ordinary visitors just who happened to be there.

Posted by grayowl Posted on 31/08/04 12:17
Hello dear Ria, kum siah, dall chej, terima kasih, thank you, arigatou, Vielen Dank, Merci, nandri ... for the wonderful and I know tiring but probably inspiring tasks for this month! The ripples of your efforts, I am sure, are moving out in waves, touching many people's lives. I am sure all of us appreciate what you have done, that probably no one else has come close (^^) Your Blog will live on in our minds, and certainly help made many minds in what they want to do for Singapore!

Posted by AhMal Posted on 31/08/04 21:50 I will miss your most passionate updates, Ria. Cheers!

Posted by grayowl Posted on 01/09/04 10:19
Yes. Now suffering from withdrawal syndrome. (^^)

Posted by Huziah Posted on 01/09/04 16:19
Dearest Ria The end of this NDP moblogging doesn't mean we will not meet again. I have planned a series of nature trails with my family and colleagues, we will surely bumped into each other again among the snails and spiders and beautiful little creatures you have passionately introduced to us. I don't think I can ever keep up with your energy and spirit of volunteering. Thank you Ria for all your comments and support to my Cause to. See you soon!

Posted by Ria Posted on 01/09/04 18:44
I'm so touched by all your heartfelt comments. Yes certainly, our work doesn't end with NDP moblogging.

I've just come back from the last of our super low tide morning trips for the year. I've had a twinge of sadness not to share them on the blog. But rest assured, the photos wil make their appearance on www.wildsingapore.com, though perhaps not as immediately as on the blog. And now, I am able to focus on my primary objectives: to complete the guidebook on our shores and guidesheets for the reefwalks :-)

It will be lovely to meet up with all of you, especially in the wonderful wild places that we all so love. Meanwhile, any major developments and events in our wild places and my wild projects will be announced through the free e-newsletter wildsingapore. Evening tides resume in Oct and so will our work on the shores. Meanwhile, we can re-new our work on the terrestrial wild places...which means furry mammals and fabulous forests :-)

So do sign up if you'd like to be kept informed of our wild adventures; or just drop by the www.wildsingapore.com website now and then. Bless you all.

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