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  wild thought: youths of singapore speak up

Here's your chance to make a BIG difference! Instantly!

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan is leading a government effort to seek views on "how to build a better Singapore, with a special focus on what young Singaporeans want to achieve together". All Singaporeans born in or after 1965 - whether here or overseas - are urged to send in views by phone, fax, e-mail or SMS.

E-mail: creating_our_future@mcds.gov.sg
Phone: 1800-353-5555
SMS: 6353-5555
Fax: 6354-8128

Within a day, Dr Balakrishnan has already started receiving email messages.

If you fall in the target group, this is your chance to make a difference for nature or any other issue close to your heart.

Press reports (updated regularly)

More links
Speak up for nature: why bother?
What others have spoken on the Southern Shores
Other channels of feedback

On the Government Consultation Portal feedback channel:
Poll: Do you think our youth have adequate space to express their views freely?
Yes, there are adequate channels to express my views
No, there's no space for me to have my say
Discussion forum: How can we engage more young Singaporeans to speak up and have greater interest in the society and contribute their views on national policies? As a Singaporean, is there anything holding you back from playing a more active role in the community, society and politics? What aspirations do you have for the future under the new leadership?

What else can you do to make a difference for nature in Singapore?

Posted by bluebabe Posted on 17/08/04 17:28
I think this is a great opportunity for nature lovers! we always complain that the government doesn't listen to nature people, but now they're actually soliciting feedback. if we keep quiet, we'll be the ones doing this cause the greatest disservice.

Posted by zonda Posted on 18/08/04 00:08
Hey! Isn't Singtel also providing a platform for voices? :) This blog here is one voice out there! :) Keep it up Ria! :)

Posted by bluebabe Posted on 18/08/04 21:00
Yup, as long as the voices don't belong to M1 subscribers! Tut tut

Posted by lepidopteran Posted on 19/08/04 09:34
Speaking up, despite being a first step, is important. What happens if everyone feels for something but don't speak up? The only consequence is a great loss. I've noticed Singaporeans do feel, but they have difficulty speaking up,thinking they should 'mind their own business' or they're 'too small' to make a difference. If these people all speak up together. Imagine the impact it would make! having said that, the next step after speaking up would be to take action, do your part!

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