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  our wild singapore: Sentosa shore
mms upload for 18 Jul 04 (Sun)

18/07/04 03:33 Sentosa #1:
3am and even our sorry breakfast looks livelier than us.
18/07/04 04:34 Sentosa #2:
Today we are going to have a look at the shore at Sentosa...
18/07/04 04:47 Sentosa #3:
It was a lovely cool morning. Before we begin our work, we chill out for a while on the sand, amongst our gear enjoying the lights of the wharf.
18/07/04 07:20 Sentosa #4:
Sunrise finally, and the camera on the phone can show you the lovely shore of Sentosa.
18/07/04 07:22 Sentosa #5:
Among the marvels on the shore are large soft corals. Photos taken this morning will be uploaded this evening.
18/07/04 07:27 Sentosa #6:
The shore has some fascinating rock formations in beautiful shades of pink, purple and orange.
18/07/04 07:28 Sentosa #7:
The shore has lots of seagrasses, a rare sight in Singapore.
18/07/04 07:31 Sentosa #8:
Ghost crabs make these holes high up on the clean sandy beach.
18/07/04 07:33 Sentosa #9:
The film crew packs up as the tide comes in.
18/07/04 08:16 Sentosa #10:
We stop for a while to have a well deserved second breakfast. A lot less sorry than the first one we had :-)
18/07/04 08:23 Sentosa #11:
And buy back Giant Currypuffs for tea later on. This work makes you HUNGRY!!
18/07/04 09:00 Sentosa #12 (last):
As we get back to Base Camp, it really starts to threaten to rain. We decide to revise the Theory of Correlation between Rain and Kok Leong from "Kok Leong causes Rain" to "Association with Kok Leong within 24 hours of trip causes Rain".
kllow14 Posted on 18/07/04 15:05
Like that also can ah?

voyager Posted on 18/07/04 19:31
Cool right? You are the cause of R*A*I*N!!!

Himawari Posted on 19/07/04 16:56
Ahbuthen? :P

Ria Posted on 19/07/04 18:41
But we all still love you and would prefer rain than to miss your wonderful warm sunny company, K? :-)

Gallery of photos I took today at Sentosa

More about Sentosa: more photos and info.

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