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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Subclass Zoantharia/Hexacorallia
Photo index of hard corals on Singapore shores
Colony crinkled or lumpy

NOT a hard coral

Branching pore coral
Porites sp.

Crinkled sandpaper coral
Psammocora sp.

montipora coral

Montipora sp.

Castle coral
Pachyseris rugosa

Blue coral
Heliopora coerulea
Colonies 10-12cm, branching with stumpy branches. Corallites tiny, shallow and hexagonal. Polyps tiny with short tentacles. Colours brown, yellow, green, bluish and purplish. Commonly seen on many of our shores. Colonies 15-30cm. Boulder-shaped with short, crinkled branches. Tiny corallites surface with a sandpaper-like texture. With the tentacles extended, the surface has a furry look. Colours include green, blue to yellow, brown and pinkish. Commonly seen on many of our shores. Colonies 15-20cm, may be branching or encrusting. Short and thick branches, tips are white and lack polyps. Corallites tiny with large ridges between them. Polyps are tiny. Colours beige or brown, sometimes purplish. Sometimes seen on some of our shores.

Colonies 10-30cm, encusting or contorted upright plates. Surface with thick short ridges forming maze-like pattern, with texture of fine lines perpendicular to the ridges. Colours brown, gree, blue. Rare.

Colonies 15-30cm, branching with stumpy branches. Internal skeleton is blue but on the outside, they are usually brown. Polyps tiny (about 0.5cm) with 8 tentacles with fine branches. They are soft corals although they have a hard skeleton. Commonly seen on many of our shores.

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with hard skeleton

polyp shape
long tentacles

colony shape



  thick branches
thin branches
  Corallite shape=
brain or maze


colony unattached
(mushroom hard coral)
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