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Phylum Cnidaria
Photo index of hard corals on Singapore shores
and other cnidarians with a hard skeleton

polyps with
long tentacles
Colony thick branching
Colony thin branching
sea fans
Colony leafy, carnation or cabbage-like
Colony crinkled or lumpy
Colony plate-like
Colony boulder-shaped
corallite ring-shaped
Colony boulder-shaped
corallite hexagonal
Colony boulder-shaped
corallite brain or maze
Colony boulder-shaped
corallite other shapes
Colony unattached
free living corals
(mushroom corals)

These are NOT hard corals

Blue coral
Order Helioporacea
Phylum Cnidaria

Order Corallimorphoria
Phylum Cnidaria

Order Zoanthidae
Phylum Cnidaria
Although the skeleton is hard, blue coral is grouped with soft corals. With the polyps crowded next to one another, they may appear to be a hard coral. With the polyps crowded next to one another, the colony may appear to be a hard coral.    

photo index of
cnidarians on this site
Phylum Cnidaria
with soft body

with hard skeleton

polyp shape
long tentacles

colony shape



  thick branches
thin branches
  Corallite shape
brain or maze


colony unattached
(mushroom hard coral)
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