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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Subclass Zoantharia/Hexacorallia
Photo index of hard corals on Singapore shores
Colony boulder-shaped, corallite brain and maze patterns

Lobed brain coral
Lobophyllia sp.

Grooved brain coral
Symphyllia sp.

Cabbage coral

Trachyphyllia geoffroyi

Jigsaw maze

Family Merulinidae

Other maze

Family Merulinidae
Colonies 15-20cm, hemispherical with flat tops. Thick with many prominent 'teeth', forming irregular lobes (2-5cm) or meandering valleys with separate walls. Colours blue, green, purplish. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. Colonies 15-20cm, hemispherical and rather flat. Thick walls with prominent 'teeth', forming with wide valleys (2-3cm wide). There is usually a slight dent or groove along the top of the wall between the corallites. Colours blue, green. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. Solitary free-living coral 15-20cm. Meandering folded form with wide valleys and tall walls. Sometimes called Banana coral because, when submerged, the polyp inflates into smooth curved shapes. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. Colonies 10-20cm, hemi-spherical shape, some nearly ball-shaped. Corallites have shared meandering walls creating short, crooked valleys that resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Colours seen include pale beige, brown, green, blue and purple. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. Colonies 15-30cm, boulder-shaped. Corallites have shared meandering walls sometimes with long valleys, in others, short irregular polygons. Colours seen include pale yellow, pink, brown, green and blue. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.

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Phylum Cnidaria
with hard skeleton

polyp shape
long tentacles

colony shape



  thick branches
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  Corallite shape
brain or maze


colony unattached
(mushroom hard coral)
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