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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Subclass Zoantharia/Hexacorallia
Photo index of hard corals on Singapore shores
Colony boulder-shaped, other corallite patterns

Galaxy coral
Galaxea sp.

Pebble coral
Astreopora sp.

Meteor coral
Cyphastrea sp.

Boulder sandpaper coral
Psammocora sp.

Boulder horn coral

Hydnophora exesa
Colonies 10-20cm, irregular boulders and mounds. Corallites (1cm) long with a distinctive star-shape pattern at the tips. Polyps with short thin tentacles often with white tips. Colours blue, green, purple, brown or reddish. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. Colonies 20cm or more, boulder-shaped or encrusting. Corallites small (1cm), usually a blunt conical shape, giving the a pebbled appearance. Colours blue, green and brown. Seen on some of our shores. Colonies 10-20cm, irregular boulder-shaped. Corallites with thick separate walls, circular. Corallites are packed close to, but not squashed against one another. Colours green, yellow, orange, brown, blue and purple. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. Colonies 20-40cm. Boulder-shaped with smooth surface. Tiny corallites giving a texture like sandpaper. The holes of the corallite look like tiny petals of a flower. With the tentacles extended, the surface has a furry look. Colours include green and blue. Seen on of our Southern shores. Colonies 20cm, boulder-shaped with irregular lumps and hillocks. Monticules (hard bits sticking out) usually long instead of conical. Colours brown and dull green. Seen on our Southern shores.

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Phylum Cnidaria
with hard skeleton

polyp shape
long tentacles

colony shape



  thick branches
thin branches
  Corallite shape
brain or maze


colony unattached
(mushroom hard coral)
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