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Singapore's Southern shores
Where? What habitats? What biodiversity?

Beting Bemban Besar
Kusu Island

Lazarus Island
Live Firing Area (LFA)

Pulau Hantu
Pulau Jong
Pulau Semakau
Pulau Tekukor
Raffles Lighthouse

Sisters Islands
St. John's Island

Terumbu Bemban
Terumbu Pempang Laut
Terumbu Pempang Tengah
Terumbu Raya
Terumbu Semakau

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CyreneSentosaPulau TekukorLazarus Island and Seringat-KiasKusu IslandSt. John's IslandThe Sisters IslandsPulau JongTerumbu SemakauPulau SemakauTerumbu RayaBeting Bemban BesarTerumbu BembanPulau Hantu and Terumbu HantuTerumbu Pempang TengahTerumbu Pempang LautPulau Salu (LFA)Terumbu Salu (LFA)Pulau Sudong (LFA)Terumbu Berkas Besar (LFA)Pulau Berkas (LFA)Pulau Pawai (LFA)Pulau Senang (LFA)Pulau Biola (LFA)Raffles Lighthouse

Past conservation efforts include those in 1987-1991 by The Reef Survey and Conservation Project, a project undertaken by the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), Singapore Institute of Biology (SIBiol) and Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF). Among the results was identifying and targeting four reef areas as good enough to merit some form of conservation: St John's group of islands, Pulau Hantu and patch reefs, Pulau Semakau and patch reefs, live firing islands including Raffles Lighthouse. More details on this and other conservation efforts on the Coral Reefs of Singapore website.

Grateful acknowledgement to Jeffrey Low for pointing out some omissions.

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