Photo index of mangrove trees on Singapore shores
trees with no specialised roots

or Buta-buta
Excoecaria algallocha

Heritiera littoralis

Mangrove trumpet tree
or Tui
Dolichandrone spathacea

Kempudang baran
Cassine viburnifolia
Tree (to 15m) sometimes branched at the base, forming multiple trunks. No specialised roots, these run along the ground surface. Leaves thick, oval and pointed (5-10cm). Young leaves pink, old leaves turn yellow then red before dropping off. Flowers tiny in long spikes. Fruits small (less than 1cm) green ripening into black dry capsules. Commonly seen in our mangroves. Tree (15-25m tall). Leaves (10-20cm) thin stiff, two-toned: dark green above and silvery white beneath. Flowers tiny (0.5cm). Fruits massive woody, shiny-brown to purplish with a keel. Sometimes seen in our mangroves. It is Endangered. Shrub or tree (5-20m). 2-4 thin leaflets (6-20cm) opposite one another. Trumpet-shaped flower white (15-20cm long). Long curling bean-like pods (25-60cm long). Rare. It is Critically Endangered. Shrub or tree (to 8m). Leaves (5-7cm) with wavy margins. Flowers tiny (less than 1cm), in clusters. Fruit (about 1cm) ripening yellow. Mangroves, back mangroves, tidal rivers. Rare. It is Critically Endangered.
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