Photo index of mangrove and seashore plants on Singapore shores
climbers and vines
growing on other plants in mangroves and near the shore


Wax plant
Hoya diversifolia

Wax plant
Hoya verticillata

Common derris
Derris trifoliata

Kalak kambing
Finlaysonia obovata

Mangrove ant-house plant
Dischidia major
Stems thick long. Leaves thick and succulent. Flowers emerge in a cluster. Rare. It is Critically Endangered. Stems thick long. Leaves thick and succulent. Flowers emerge in a cluster. Fruits long, thin and bean-like. Sometimes seen in our mangroves. A shrub or rambling climber to 15m or more. 3-5 leaflets (10-12cm long) dark green. Flowers delicate, pale pink ( 1cm) on slender inflorescence. Fruits circular and flat pods (3-4cm). Common in our back mangroves. A slender, woody climber up to 5m long. Leaves fleshy (5-10cm) green, opposite. Flowers small (about 1cm) with fuzzy petals, in branched inflorescence. Fruits green, ribbed (8-10cm) in a pair. Rare. Scrambles over other mangrove trees. It is Critically Endangered. Stems thin. Two kinds of leaves: small circular fat leaves (2-2.5cm) and larger hollow leaves (7-12cm long) that are oval. Flowers tiny. Often seen on trees in mangroves and near shores.

Rambut putri

Cassythia filiformis

Mengkudu akar
Morinda umbellata

Rotan tikus
Flagellaria indica

Peria laut
Colubrina asiatica
Stems thread-like long (3-8m) grows in a tangle on host plants. No visible leaves. Flowers tiny (1.5-2mm). Fruits small, round, juicy white berries (7mm). Sometimes seen on other shore plants.   Climbing shrub, thin stems. Leaves thin, leathery, narrow (7-12cm). Flowers small, white on long stalks. Compound fruits green, turning orange. Sometimes seen on seaside cliffs and coastal forests, also inland. Stem thin, long (2-15m). Leaves narrow, long (6-7cm) with curling tip. Flowers tiny, white in clusters. Fruits shiny berry, green turning pink to orange. In back mangroves but also inland wild places. Climbing shrub 4m to 6-7m. Vine-like branches. Leaves (4-9cm) thin, dark glossy green with a toothed margin. Flowers small star-like (0.4cm). Fruits are small capsules (1cm). Sometimes seen on our shores.

Maiden's jealousy
Tristellateia australasiae

Kuku tupai
Caesalpinia crista

Caesalpinia bonduc

Raffles pitcher plant
Nepenthes rafflesiana
Liana to 10m tall. Leaves (7-12cm) a fresh green. Flowers star-shaped bright yellow. Commonly planted in parks and gardens. Originally back mangrove and tidal swamps. Prickly climber. Leaves bipinnate, eye-shaped leathery. Flowers bright yellow in clusters. Fruits flat pods. Stems armed with thorns. Sometimes seen on wild shores and back mangroves. Prickly climber. Leaves bipinnate. Flowers yellow in clusters. Fruits flat prickly pods. Stems armed with thorns. Rarely seen.   Climber. Leaf with tendril or modified into tall pitchers. Male flower long spike, female flower banana-shaped. Sometimes seen on natural cliffs on our Southern shores.
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