mangroves | coastal plants
Photo index of mangrove and seashore plants on Singapore shores
seashore creepers
growing near the high water mark

Gelang laut
Sesuvium portulacastrum

Beach morning glory
Ipomoea pes-caprae

Sea bean
Canavalia maritima

Poisonous sea bean
Canavalia cathartica
Stem thick, long (to 1m). Leaves narrow fleshy flat (2.5-7cm). Flowers tiny and pale pink. Fruit a smooth, round capsule. Sometimes seen on our wild shores. Stems thin, creeping over sand. Leaves thick, in varying shapes and sizes (3-10cm). Flowers large (3-5cm) usually pink, reddish purple or violet. Fruit ripens to a small round capsule. Sometimes seen on our shores. Stems thin, long (2-10m) creeping over other coastal plants. Leaves with three fleshy, oval leaflets (3-15cm). Flowers reddish-violet with a white streak down the middle. Fruits bean-like pods, straight or faintly curved (6-15cm). Sometimes seen on our shores. Twinning climber. Leaf with three thin leaflets. Flowers rose-pink to dark purple. Fruits bean-like pods, with 3 strong keels (4-6cm long) with poisonous beans. Sometimes seen on our shores.
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