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Photo index of mangrove and seashore plants on Singapore shores
shrubs with thin leaves
growing at or above the high water mark near the sea shore

Sea hibiscus

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Thespesia populnea

Noni or Mengkudu
Morinda citrifolia

Allophylus cobbe

Petai laut
Desmodium umbellatum
Shrub to tall tree (10-15m). Leaves heart-shaped (10-15cm), dark green and shiny above, white and finely furry beneath. Flower yellow with maroon eye, stigma maroon. Fruit ripens to a tiny dry capsule (2-3cm) surrounded by the calyx. Commonly seen in our back mangroves and sea shores. Planted in some coastal parks. Shrub to tall tree (2-10m). Leaves more triangular than heart-shaped, fleshy and shiny with yellow veins. Flower yellow with maroon eye, stigma pale yellow. Fruits large (2-4cm), flattened globe. Sometimes seen on our back mangroves and sea shores. Shrub or small tree (5-8m). Leaves thin glossy (10-40cm). Fruits oval and smelly when ripe. Flowers white, tubular emerging from an egg-shaped structure. Commonly seen in our back mangroves and shores. Shrub to tree (3-5m tall), sometimes a climber. Leaf made up of three leaflets (4-9cm long). Flowers tiny white on spikes. Berries green ripening red or orange. Commonly seen in our back mangroves and shores. Shrub to small tree (to about 3m) "often prostrate towards the sea". Compound leaf of three leaflets. Small flowers (1-1.5cm) creamy white in short clusters. Pod brown, short (3-4cm). Sometimes seen on our shores.

Buas buas
Premna corymbosa

Gambir laut
Clerodendrum inerme

Peria laut
Colubrina asiatica

Tongkat ali
Eurycoma longifolia
First starts as a climber or 'straggling shrub' may eventually become a tree up to 5m tall. Leaves leathery, light green in various shapes. Flowers tiny white on a many branched cluster. Fruits tiny, oval, black. Commonly seen on many of our shores. Shrub with drooping stems (0.5-3m) to small tree (up to 10m). Leaves thinly fleshy, smooth (1.5-14cm). Flower white trumpet-shaped with long purple stamens, in clusters. Fruit round or egg-shaped, green ripening to black. Sometimes seen on our shores. Climbing shrub 4m to 6-7m. Vine-like branches. Leaves (4-9cm) thin, dark glossy green with a toothed margin. Flowers small star-like (0.4cm). Fruits are small capsules (1cm). Sometimes seen on our shores. Shrub to small tree (2-3m) with an umbrella-like rosette of long leaves (50-60cm) is made up of 45-80 leaflets. Tiny flowers purplish-crimson, turn into oval fruits that ripen yellow then red. Sometimes seen on rocky cliffs and shores. It is Critically endangered.  

Melastoma malabathricum

Rhodomyrtus tomentosa

Ixora congesta

Flemingia strobilifera
Shrub to small tree (1-2m). Leaves narrow (5-9cm) with 3-5 longitudinal veins. Flowers purplish-pink, large (5-7cm). Cup-shaped calyx. Fruits berry-like. Commonly seen in many of our wild place. Shrub (1-3m). Young parts whitish, woolly. Leaves narrow with 3 parallel veins. Flowers pink (3-4cm). Berries are oblong topped by persistant sepals. Planted at Chek Jawa. Shrub to small tree (7m). Leaves large (12-30cm long), dark green. Flowers seasonally, bright orange in bunches. Berry ripening red then purple or black. In forests including coastal forests. Shrub (1-1.5m). Leaves with prominent veins, arranged alternately. Papery flower bracts in a long drooping row. Pods explode when ripe. Seeds tiny, brown-black with red mottling. Planted on Chek Jawa.
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