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Photo index of seashore trees on Singapore shores
trees with other leaves (compound leaves etc)
growing on the seashore near the high water mark

Saga tree
Adenanthera pavonina

Asam tree
Tamarindus indica

Petai jawa
Leucaena leucocephala

Yellow flame
Peltophorum pterocarpum

Intsia bijuga
Tall tree (up to 20m). Compound leaves feathery with small leaflets. Flowers cream-yellow on long stalks. Pods coil and split revealing hard bright red seeds. Sometimes seen on our shores, planted in some places. Tall tree (20-25m). Compound leaves (6-12cm long) comprise little leaflets. Orchid-like flowers pale yellowish with pink veins. Brown sausage-shaped pods (4-20cm). Sometimes seen on our shores. A shrub to small tree (10m). Compound leaves. Puff-ball shaped flowers. Thin, flat pods. Sometimes common near our shores and in grasslands. Tree (15-35m). Compound leaves. Flower yellow with wrinkled petals, may cover the entire tree in a bloom. Pod brown, flat woody winged. Commonly planted along roads and in parks, sometimes seen wild on shores. Tree (40m). Compound leaves, one or two pairs opposite. Flowers in bunches, one petal. Pod large woody flat. Sometimes seen in our back mangroves.

Pongamia pinnata

Rhu tree

Casuarina equisetifolia

Sea teak

Podocarpus polystachus
Tall tree (6-15m). Compound leaf with shiny heart-shaped leaflets. Flowers lilac in bunches. Fruits are flat oval pods. Rare in the wild but planted at many of our coastal parks. It is Endangered. Very tall tree (up to 50m). Greenish 'needle-twigs'. Male flowers tiny on short spikes (1.5-3cm). Female flowers pink fluffy bits on a stalk. Cones green turning brown. Commonly seen in our coastal parks and shores. Shrub to small tree (1-20m). Leaves long, narrow and pointed (3-10cm), bright green. No flowers, produces cones. Sometimes seen on our rocky shores. It is Critically Endangered.
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