Photo index of palms, pandans and rattans of Singapore
palms, pandans and rattans

Nipah palm

Nypa fruticans

Seashore pandan
Pandanus tectorius

Fishtail palm
Caryota mitis
Palm-shaped leaves very long (5-9m). Flowers on a long stalk (1m), female flowers cone-like, male flowers long spikes. Fruits brown in a cluster forming a globe (20-25cm). Horizontal or underground stem, stout (up to 70cm in diameter), with diagonal leaf scars. Seen in some of our mangroves. It is Vulnerable. Bush to a small tree (3-7m), often with stilt roots. Leaves long, strap-like (70cm-2.5m) with many sharp spines. Male flowers a pendulous ‘cone’ (25-60cm) of many small flowers. Female flowers compact greenish heads in a ball-shaped cluster. Fruit (6-7cm), hard and fibrous forming a compound fruit looks like a pineapple. Commonly seen on undisturbed shores and in back mangroves. Tall elegant palm (10m). Leaves short, lealets stiff. Tiny pale flowers in a zig-zag inflorescence. Fruits small oval, green turning orange and are miscalled 'nuts'. Sometimes seen in old village sites. Short palm (6m), often forming clumps. Leaves long (2-6m), leaflets 'fishtail' shaped. Flowers on hanging spikes. Fruits green ripening plum red or ochre. Secondary forest, back mangroves. Common.
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