Photo index of seashore trees on Singapore shores
trees with small simple leaves
growing on the seashore near the high water mark

Pouteria liggensis

Seashore nutmeg
Knema globularia

Delek air
Memecylon edule

Adinandra dumosa

Belalang puak
Pittosporum ferrugineum
Tree (about 5m). Leaves thin. Flowers tiny (1cm) cream coloured. Fruits oval, green ripening to purple. Rare. Seen on Chek Jawa and Lazarus Island. It is Critically Endangered. Tree (about 4m). Leaves leathery thin. Flowers small, brown, woolly on the outside. Fruits globular with a thin skin, when ripe, splitting to reveal a bright red and pulpy aril. Rarely seen, several can be found on Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. It is Critically Endangered. Tree (3-6m). Leaves leathery (8-12cm). Flowers small, bright blue, many in a cluster. Fruit globular, green ripening to pinkish then black. Rarely seen, several can be found on Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. It is Endangered. Shrub to tree (2-10m). Leaves (5-10cm long) leathery, dark green above and pale beneath. Flowers small, cream, petals do not open. Fruits small globular berries (cm). On rocky cliffs, also inland. Common. Shrub or small tree (10m). Leaves small, narrow, pointed, leaf edge very wavy. Flowers yellowish white in clusters. Fruit in compact clusters of 4-12, ripening orange ochre, splittiing to reveal scarlet mass of pulpy seeds. Uncommon

Melaleuca cajuputi

Fagraea fragrans

Misi or Sea gutta
Pouteria obovata

Sea apple

Syzygium grande

Kelat nasi nasi

Syzygium zeylanicum
Tree (15-20m) narrow, dense crown. Leaves (5-9cm) with 5-7 longitudinal veins resembling Acacia. Tiny flowers on a long spike, fruits woody capsules in tight clusters. Trunk gnarled, twisted with thick spongy bark that peel off. Planted at some of our coastal parks. Tree (30-40m) U-shaped angular branches. Deeply fissured bark. Leaves (5-8cm). Flowers (2cm) creamy white, trumpet shaped in clusters. Berries (1cm) green to orange then red. Slow growing. Planted in many parks. Wild ones sometimes seen on our natural cliffs. Tree (to 18m). Coppery appearance. Leaves (15-25cm) upward pointing, young leaves coppery beneath. Flowers tiny (less than 1cm) greenish white. Fruits small (1-1.2cm) oval. Bark ridged, fissured but not flaky, with low, sharp spreading buttresses. Common in coastal forests, rocky shores, cliffs and sandy shores. Tree (to 30m). Leaves shiny, leathery (12-18cm) with distinctly downturned tip, opposite. No stipules and no latex. Flowers white pom-pom like, mass flowering, in clusters. Fruits oblong to spherical (1.5-4cm) green. Bark greyish, shallowly fissured, somewhat flaky. Wild on some shores, widely planted roadside tree. Bush or short tree (less than 10m). Leaves leathery, oval with pointed tip. Young leaves purple pink. Puffy white inflorescence very short and dense (2cm or less). Fruit small (less than 1cm) oblong, white and pithy, appearing in bunches Wild on some natural cliffs on our shores.
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