Photo index of seashore trees on Singapore shores
trees with big simple leaves
growing on the seashore near the high water mark

Putat laut
Sea poison
Barringtonia asiatica

Putat sungei

Barringtonia racemosa

Ketapang pasir
Guettarda speciosa

Ketapang or Sea almond
Terminalia catappa

Penaga laut

Calophyllum inophyllum
Tree (7-20m). Leaves large (20-30cm), waxy, young leaves may be pinkish olive. Flowers showy puff (about 10cm) of pink-tipped stamens with four white petals. Fruits large (8-10cm) squarish. Sometimes seen on our shores and mangroves. Shrub or small, straggling tree (5-15m). Leaves large (20-30cm) thin leathery. Flowers puff of pale pink stamens on a long hanging spike (40-50cm). Fruit (8cm) egg- or pear-shaped, weakly angled. Rare in the wild, but now replanted on some coastal parks. It is Critically Endangered.

Tall tree (4-10m). Leaves large (9-24cm) oval . Flowers tubular, white in clusters. Fruits small round (1.5-3cm). Sometimes seen on our shores. Also planted in our parks.

Tall tree with typical pagoda-shaped growth form. Leaves large spatula-shaped (10-20cm), turning red and dropping off up to twice a year. Flowers tiny, white, on long spikes (10-12cm). Fruit almond shaped (4-5cm long). Tree (10-30m). Leaves (8-18cm) shiny with fine parallel veins. Flowers (about 1cm) white and fragrant, several from a spike. Fruit (2.5-3cm) smooth, globular. Rare in the wild, but now replanted in some coastal parks. It is Critically Endangered.

Pink-eyed pong pong

Cerbera manghas

Yellow-eyed pong pong

Cerbera odollam

Simpoh air

Dillenia suffroticosa

Sea apple

Syzygium grande

Pelir musang

Fagraea auriculata
Tree (to 15m). Leaves (12-30cm) oval, dark green and glossy. Flowers (5cm) white with pink centre. Fruits (5-7cm) mango-shaped. Rare in the wild, planted on St. John's. It is Critically Endangered. Tree (to 15m). Leaves (12-30cm) oval, dark green and glossy. Flowers (5cm) white with yellow centre. Fruits (5-7cm) globular. Common wayside tree and also wild on some shores. Large shrub to shrubby tree (to 6m). Leaves (15-35cm). Flower yellow (8-10cm), several on a long stalk. Fruit capsule splits open into a pink star displaying purple seeds with a fleshy bright red aril. Common on wastelands including those near shores. Tall tree (to 30m). Leaves shiny, leathery (12-18cm) with distinctly downturned tip. Flowers white pom-pom like. Fruits oblong to spherical (1.5-4cm). Common road side tree. Climbing shrub or epiphyte. Leaves leathery, large (25-35cm), a pair of 'ears' (auricles) at base of leaf stalk. Leaves opposite, appear at tips of thick twigs. Flowers creamy yellow and fleshy, tubular with long corolla (30cm) and large petals (to 30cm across). Rare. Seen on rocky cliffs of some offshore islands.
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