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Photo index of mangrove trees on Singapore shores
trees with small fruits and pneumatophores (pencil roots)

Api-api putih

Avicennia alba

Api-api bulu

Avicennia rumphiana

Api-api ludat
Avicennia officinalis

Api-api jambu

Avicennia marina
Shrub or tree (10-20m). Pneumatophores pencil-like, ( 20cm). May have stilt roots. Leaves generally long and pointed (8-12cm), shiny dark green above, white below. Flowers yellow small (0.4cm), in clusters that are less crowded together. Fruit generally long, tear-drop shaped (1-4cm) with long tapering pointed tip. Commonly seen in many of our mangroves, usually on the seaward side. Tree (to 30m). Pencil-like pneumatophores, often with buttress roots. Leaves often spoon-shaped (8-10cm). Green above, below olive or brownish with a velvety or furry texture. Flowers large orange-yellow (1-1.5cm) in a tight cluster. Fruit a fat oval shape (1.5-2cm long), woolly, yellowish brown and often wrinkled. Sometimes seen in our mangroves.. Tree (to 12m). Pencil-like pneumatophores. Often develops aerial stilt roots. Leaves often spoon-shaped sometimes not (8-10cm). Upperside shiny green, underside finely hairy, greenish yellow but never white. Flowers large orange-yellow (about 1cm) in a tight cluster. Fruit oval, slightly beaked (2-3cm) velvety, pale grey-green. Sometimes seen in our mangroves. Tree (2-3m). Pneumatophores slender with pointed tips (10-15cm). Leaves similar to A. alba in shape and also has a whitish below. Flowers big (0.3-0.6cm) in tight clusters. Fruit large (2cm), circular flattened, greyish or bluish green, never yellowish. Stems squarish. Rare. It is Critically Endangered.  

Trees with large round fruits and pneumatophores

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